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We offer information on anthroposophical curative education and social therapy, events and publications, and on the international network of associations and centres.

The Curative Education and Social Therapy Council is the forum for international cooperation in anthroposophical curative education and social therapy.

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«Practice Spirit-Sensing»
Conference for members of the First Class of the School of
Spiritual Science, working in curative education and social
therapy initiatives
7 to 8 October 2018
Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

Social - Play - Space
Making Room for Fulfilling Biographies
International conference for Curative Education and Social Therapie
8 to 12 October 2018
Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

Principles underlying Anthroposophical Social Therapy
The Social Therapy Working Group has been working for some time with a process to develop "Principles underlying Anthroposophical Social Therapy”. The group is now sharing this document as an invitation for exchange and discussion. A German version can be found on the German pages of our website. In the beginning of September, we will be adding further versions in plain German, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian and Spanish.

Camphill Correspondence
International Journal and Newsletter of the Camphill Movement worldwide. Information and subscriptions: www.camphillcorrespondence.net


Robin Jackson and Maria Lyons (Editors)

Community Care and Inclusion
for People with an Intellectual Disability

Charter on professional education
A new basis for the collaboration in the professional education.

Newly published as online document

Understanding and Applying
The Fourfold Approach to the Human Beeing. By Annelies Bruell, Nick Blitz, Angelika Monteux and John Ralph
"Aspects of the Four-fold Human Being”- a working paper of four essays written by experienced practitioners involved in the training of Curative Educators, Social Pedagogues and Social Therapists to demonstrate how the understanding of Four-foldness can inform and inspire the support of individuals with complex special needs. Please find the text in the section «Training»/«Documents»


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Karl König: My Task

Autobiography and Biographies

Karl König Archive Vol. 1
edited by Peter Selg
Floris Books, Edinburgh, UK


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Audio Curso de Educación Especial

Maria Cecilia Botero reads Rudolf Steiner’s Curative Education Course in Spanish.

Maria Cecilia Botero lee el curso de Rudolf Steiner en español

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